Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)
Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)
Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)
Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)
Stainless steel inner pot
Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)
Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)

Refurbished 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)


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Refurbished items are not new product. The product may show some signs of gentle use while perfectly functional.
Consistently delicious rice, optimally reheated leftovers, ready-made meals with the press of a button, and professional grade quality with the 10-Cup (Uncooked) Twin Pressure Induction Rice Cooker & Warmer (CRP-LHTR1009FW), all of this and more will be at your disposal.
This multi-functional cooker has fully customizable menu options to prepare a variety of different rice and grains, a reheat option for leftovers, and a keep-warm function to ensure none of your foods are ever overcooked or burnt. With CUCKOO, we'll take the guesswork out of preparing perfectly cooked rice while never sacrificing quality.

  • TWIN PRESSURE: Choose between pressure cooking or non-pressure cooking for specific and customized desired results high pressure will yield deliciously made sticky rice while non-pressure will result in unbelievably fluffy rice!
  • INDUCTION HEATING: Compared to traditional bottom-plate heating, induction technology completely surrounds the inner pot making the cooking process quicker, more efficient and delivers more delicious results
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Its LED display panel has 25 operating modes including GABA/brown rice, white rice, scorched rice, porridge, baby food, veggie rice, high-pressure or non-pressure steam and more to easily make a variety of different side dishes and meals
  • IDEAL CAPACITY: Its 10-cup capacity is the perfect size for large families or entertaining and can prepare side dishes, family meals, and everything in between!
  • SMART TECHNOLOGY: Features an energy-saving smart algorithm that automatically detects the grain type and internal temperature and automatic keep-warm mode, effectively taking the guesswork out of perfectly cooked rice
  • SAFE STEAM RELEASE: Automatically releases pressure softly and quietly for a safe, convenient cooking experience and includes an overheating alarm that will alert you if the cooker's internal or external temperature is too high - your safety always comes first!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Includes a scratch-resistant stainless steel inner pot with black shine nonstick coating designed for optimal heat distribution, is built to last and easy to clean
  • DETACHABLE INNER LID: For your convenience while cleaning, the unit comes with an inner lid to easily remove and clean so that your rice will still taste great use after use
  • VOICE GUIDE: Complete with voice navigation in 3 different languages (English, Chinese, and Korean), this cooker will act as your personal kitchen assistant as it cooks, and you relax
  • TRUSTED KOREAN BRAND: Internationally known for superior quality and with over 40 years of industry experience, CUCKOO has perfected the art of cooking rice and crafting products made with integrity


Product Name 10-Cup Induction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker
Model Number CRP-LHTR1009FW
Type Induction Heating Twin Pressure
Capacity 10 Cups (Uncooked) / 20 Cups (Cooked)
Menu Options White Rice, Multigrain, GABA Rice, High Pressure Steam, High Pressure, Savory, Turbo, Power Save, Porridge, Non Pressure Rice, Baby Food, Easy Cook, Non Pressure Steam, Sticky White Rice, Sticky Multigrain, High Heat, Scorched Rice, Veggie Rice, Turbo, Reheat, Keep Warm, Auto Clean, Open Cooking, Preset Timer, My Mode
Dimensions 11.4 (H) x 16.7 (L) x 11.9 (W) inches
Product Weight 22.3 lbs.
Color White
Voltage 120V AC, 60Hz
Inner Pot Black Shine Eco-Stainless Curved Nonstick
Voice Guide English, Korean, Chinese
Certification FCC, cETL
Made In South Korea
Accessories Product Manual, Rice Spatula, Rice Measuring Cup, Steam Plate
Warranty 6 Month Limited Manufacturer Warranty