Explore a large variety of rice cookers that come with the CUCKOO guarantee of perfectly preparing your rice and grains use after use.


Exceptionally clean, filtered, temperature controlled water dispensers for great-tasting water and a more sustainable, healthier option than plastic bottles and tap water.


Inner pot damaged? Air filter needs replacing? Look no further than our replacement part archive.



I really appreciate the thoughtful engineering in this rice cooker, particularly the stream collection cup in the back. The top plate on the lid comes off and goes on pretty easily, and is no trouble to clean. I'm also pleased with the heavy weight of the cooking bowl, which no doubt assists in even coming of the rice.


The Cuckoo Rice Cooker is AMAZING. We lived in Korea for 12 years and Cuckoo is the #1 Rice Cooker. I advise anyone who loves rice to buy a Cuckoo that specifically states, Made in Korea.. You won't be sorry, the rice turns out PERFECT every time!


There are many options is the rice cooking land, and this is the best I’ve had in the price range. This cooker keeps rice hot for 48-70h although you shouldn’t keep rice heated past 12h. It’s specific, glutinous/wheat/porridge etc and it also has a “turbo” cook and cooks rice in 10-20 minutes. Love this! It’s a Korean made device.


This Cuckoo rice cooker is far superior than the $20 cookers I’ve owned in past. From the very first batch the rice has been moist, soft, and perfectly cooked.


This rice cooker is very easy to clean and rice comes out perfectly every time. It keeps rice warm for 24 hours, and the flavor and texture are still great. Easy to use. Just add rinsed rice and fill with water at the appropriate level, then push the button. I like that it beeps when the rice is done cooking. I would recommend this rice cooker.


Already an established international presence, CUCKOO set its sights on the U.S.A. as its next frontier. In 2016, CUCKOO Electronics America opened its doors for the first time in hopes of making high quality products from rice cookers to convenient home appliances more widely accessible to the American public.