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Replacement Rubber Packing (CCP-10)


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Maintain CUCKOO’s renowned pressure technology by replacing the patented rubber packing every couple of years with regular use.

If experiencing undercooked rice or excess steam and leakage, a brand-new rubber packing will ensure optimal pressure within the rice cooker, resulting in perfect rice.

Be sure to reference the compatibility chart below to purchase the correct rubber packing for your rice cooker.

Please note: If both aren’t replaced at the same time, you may notice steam escaping or a stiff lid when closing. Similar to the rubber packing, the inner pot also undergoes normal wear and tear over a couple years of regular use, so consider replacing the items together for the best experience!


Product Name Replacement Rubber Packing
Model Number CCP-10
Compatible Models CRP-G1015F, CRP-M1077S, CRP-HUS1010S, CRP-PK1001S, CMC-QSN501S, CMC-QAB501W
Made In South Korea