Mastering the Art of Rice Cooking: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Rice Cooker

Whether you enjoy sticky rice, soft grains, or the ability to whip up an array of dishes with minimal effort - we’ve got a rice cooker to meet any need! 

Wondering how to select the ideal rice cooker? Don’t worry, CUCKOO has you covered. 

Discover the different CUCKOO rice cooker models, how they operate, and their intended purposes.  


A basic rice cooker contains a single heating source at the bottom of the rice cooker. It brings the food inside the inner pot to a rolling boil, once it is done cooking and any liquid within the inner pot has been absorbed, it automatically switches to Keep-Warm mode. This non-pressure cooker is ideal for those seeking less sticky rice. It is simple to use for delicious meals! 

Top Cuckoo picks: 6-Cup Basic Rice Cooker (CR-0671V) 

Perfect Match: Purple Yam Barley Porridge


What does Micom mean? It is an abbreviation for micro-computer chip which is found within the rice cooker. The chip will automatically sense the amount of rice within the inner pot and then adjust the heat accordingly to deliver perfectly cooked rice every time! It is a non-pressure cooker which is great if you want less sticky rice. 

Top Cuckoo picks: 3-Cup Micom Rice Cooker (CR-0375F) 

Recipe Match: White Rice

Heating Plate (HP)

This rice cooker is heated only from the bottom of the pot, a heating plate or heating coil at the bottom transfers the heat upwards warming the rice and water inside to cook the rice. It is recommended for those preferring less sticky rice. 

The heating plate method is straightforward and reliable, they have been used for a long time in many households. They are intuitive to operate and are a cost-effective choice. 

Top Cuckoo picks: 6-Cup HP Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-N0681FV)

Recipe Match: Joanna Chung's Five Spice Chicken

Induction Heating Pressure (IH)

Induction Heating technology is used to create high-frequency electromagnetic induction to conduct heat internally. Through the coils in the bottom or side of the cooker, an electromagnetic field is created which interacts with the inner pot to produce heat directly. The rice is cooked evenly and efficiently with a shorter cooking time. 

Induction heating does not expose the heat source, reducing the risk of burns. 

Top Cuckoo Picks: 10-cup IH Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-JHR1009F)

Recipe Match: Korean Braised Pork Ribs

HP Twin Pressure 

This rice cooker combines the heating plate method, heating the rice from the bottom, with your choice of the different levels of pressure cooking. Choose high-pressure for sticky and soft rice and non-pressure for enhanced texture to create flavorful meals. 

Top Cuckoo Picks: 6-Cup HP Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-ST0609F) 

Recipe Match: Stephanie Tea's Kimchi Fried Rice

IH Twin Pressure 

Combining your choice of the different pressure cooking levels with induction heating technology, this becomes a powerful kitchen appliance you can customize to your desire. High pressure is usually applied for sticky and soft rice while non-pressure enhances texture to create flavorful meals. 

Top Cuckoo Picks: 10-Cup IH Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR1009FW)

Recipe Match: Savory Breakfast Porridge


Pick your perfect match and enjoy! 

(Take a peek at our recipes section to find out what else you can cook up!)