Zucchini Lasagna

Level 3
Prep time 30min
Cook time: 50min


  • Ricotta cheese: 3
  • Egg: 2
  • Lasagna noodle raw: 1/2lb
  • Tomato sauce: 4c
  • Sliced zucchini: 3c
  • Sliced mushrooms: 3c
  • Parmesan: 2c
  • Mozzarella: 1c
  • Basil: 1/2c


  1. 1. In a mixing bowl place ricotta, eggs and mix together.
  2. 2. Place pasta into bottom of the bowl then layer tomato sauce, ricotta mix, zucchini, mushrooms, parmesan and repeat this step 3 times.
  3. 3. Once layered cover with mozzarella and set cooker to [SLOW COOK level.#5] for 30min.
  4. 4. Once finished spoon portions on to a plate, garnish with basil and enjoy!

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