Salted Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Level: 3
Prep time: 20min
Cook time: 4hr


  • Whole milk: 1c
  • Heavy cream: 2 1/2c
  • Egg yolk: 8
  • White sugar: 3/4c
  • Vanilla pod: 1
  • Sea salt: 1T


  1. Set cooker on [BROWNING FRY level.#2] and place milk, cream and bring to a simmer.
  2. Once milk is warm slowly add in egg yolks and whisk until egg is fully incorporated with milk.
  3. Once incorporated add sugar, vanilla, salt to milk and whisk together until sugar is dissolved.
  4. Once all mixed remove mixture into bowl and place in freezer [approx..3hr]
  5. Remove from freezer and enjoy.

TIP. For creamier texture, stir mixture every hour in the freezer.

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