Celebrating AAPI Month: A Brief History of CUCKOO

This May, we welcome AAPI month to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage! In the United States, this observance dates back to 1978, honoring the achievements and contributions of these vibrant communities. Here at CUCKOO, we're grateful for the opportunity to serve these communities and all those who appreciate premium home and living appliances. We’d like to further connect by taking the time to share our history.  

Originating from South Korea in 1978 under the name Sungkwang Electronics, CUCKOO has committed from the start to provide high-quality products that prove to be efficient and guarantee customer satisfaction. In 1998, Sungkwang Electronics was rebranded as CUCKOO Electronics. Soon after, it launched an innovative line of rice cookers that skyrocketed into being a home staple and eventually became the #1 rice cooker brand in South Korea. 

With its success, CUCKOO was able to dominate the domestic Korean market, later expanding into the global markets with branches in China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and most recently, the United States. Beyond rice cookers, CUCKOO has ventured into offering a variety of products such as water and air purifiers, high-tech massage chairs, and a unique pet dryer. 

The North American branch, CUCKOO Electronics America, has successfully expanded into major retail chains, including Costco, Walmart, and Amazon to name a few. CUCKOO hopes to continue to reach diverse audiences and captivate them with products that make life simpler.

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!