What are Different Rice and Grain Types?

Different Rice / Grain Types

When you begin navigating your Cuckoo rice cooker, you might notice the variety of menu options we have - we do it all! As you take a closer look, you will notice we have a variety of rice categories you can choose from, so we’re here to help!



This rice type is the most popular and grown in Southeast and East Asia, it has a long cultural history and is a staple food. It is known by other names such as “sweet rice” or “sticky rice”. When it is steamed, it becomes almost translucent and very sticky. Although the name is “glutinous” this rice type is actually gluten-free! 


Brown rice is a whole grain rice, which makes it less processed than white rice. With the bran and germ layer remaining on, the color of the rice is brown and it contains high nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 


If you’re not familiar with it then GABA may sound like a made-up word but it actually is a shortened version of the word gamma-aminobutyric acid. 

GABA rice is created by allowing the germination of brown rice. This process improves flavor, and texture, and increases the level of nutrients. This type of rice proves to be extremely beneficial for your health. It not only is delicious, but it helps lower anxiety, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, and improves cardiovascular functions! 


Nurungji or scorched rice is special to many as it is a traditional Korean food. It is a thin layer of crunchy rice left at the cooking pot's bottom. It is often a snack or used as an after-meal soup by adding water and boiling it to loosen up the golden crisps. 


Steel-cut oats are whole oats that have been chopped using a steel blade, they are sliced into two or three pieces. This style of oats tend to cook faster than others. 


This is a long-grain floral fragrant rice that originated in Thailand. Steaming jasmine rice elevates the flavor and makes the rice less sticky. Jasmine rice contains phytonutrients that aid in protecting the body’s cells. It is beneficial in boosting the immune system as well. 


Quinoa is a whole grain containing nutrients, fiber, protein, and plant compounds. Although it is referred to as a whole grain, it is technically a pseudocereal. It is highly valued for being nutritious as it is rich in protein - it has nine essential amino acids. Additionally, it provides fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.