Kitchen Essentials

Yes, The Cuckoo Multi cooker

No, the Cuckoo Multicooker Is Made in S. Korea

Yes, voltage is 120V and CETL certified.

– Short Grain Rice 1 cup: Water 1 cup
– Long grain rice (Jasmine) 1cup: water 1.25 cup

* Measurement is made with respect to a measuring cup included in the product.

* For soaked rice, add less water than specified. With less water, you can cook fluffier rice.

* If you like sticky rice, adjust STEAM TIME to be longer. If you don’t like sticky rice, adjust the steam time to be shorter.

Living Care

Two Steps as following.
1. Please use it after draining it for about 10 minutes.
2. Replace the Filter. (Do not use a Non-Cuckoo filter)

Six Check Steps as following
1. Open the Tap Water Supply Valve.
2. Check if the water supply tube is folded.
3. Check if water is cut off.
4. Have you pressed the Outflow button firmly?
5. Please check if it’s plugged in.
6. Contact our Customer Service Center for filter replacement.

1. Open the Locking Valve.
2. Replace the Filter.
- Do not use a Non-Cuckoo filter
- The quantity of dispensed water varies in accordance with water pressure.

1. Install the product on a flat and solid floor.
2. Make sure it does not touch anything else.
3. If the Tray is not properly mounted, an abnormal noise can be made.
Check the state of assembly of the Tray.
4. Reinstall the product with a proper distance (20 cm) from the wall
5. Remove the items on the product.

1. It is a normal operation that blocks the input of buttons when the Outflow button is pressed for 30 seconds or longer in order to prevent a wrong operation caused by foreign substances.
2. Take your hand off the Outflow button, and then press it again.