Supporting Stronger Communities: CUCKOO Takes Part in KYCC’s 17th Annual Golf Classic Fundraiser

The 17th Annual FORE Children and Families Golf Classic, hosted by the Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting Koreatown youth and families with essential services like affordable housing and afterschool programs, took place on April 18th, 2024.

KYCC set out to reach its $120,000 fundraising goal to fuel its impactful work. As part of its fundraising efforts, they included a raffle segment and CUCKOO Electronics America was honored to participate by donating the 10-Cup HP Twin Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-ST1009F).

The day proved to be a remarkable success as 150 participants, sponsors, and supporters gathered at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine, California for a day of golf, rallying behind KYCC's noble mission to serve the Koreatown community.

Following the tournament, an Awards Dinner was held to recognize achievements, accompanied by an auction and raffle to bolster fundraising efforts. Participants had the chance to back KYCC's mission while having the opportunity to win the CRP-ST1009F rice cooker among many other prizes.

When asked why the organization approached CUCKOO, a KYCC representative explained,  “We love to reach out to companies that our Koreatown community resonates with. As a staple in most Korean households, we thought it would be great to have a rice cooker as part of our raffle. We're incredibly appreciative of the chance to offer a high-quality item as a prize, one that truly excites our supporters who participate in the raffle!” 

To find out more about KYCC and their mission, you can visit their website here: